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Hippos recognise each other's voices! Animals can identify 'wheeze honks' from other members of their ...

The Daily Mail 24 Jan 2022
Researchers led from the Jean Monnet University studied the behaviour of groups of hippos living in a nature reserve in Mozambique. Their findings suggest that the animals' calls — which can be heard over great distances — help to maintain social groups, with strangers' honks responded to more aggressively.

Hippos Honk At Pals And Poo-Nado Strangers, Scientists Discover

IFL Science 24 Jan 2022
They recorded calls from each hippo group and then played these back to other groups to see how the animals would respond ... The findings could have implications for hippo management in findings ways to reduce aggression when relocating groups of animals. “Before relocating a group ...

Hippos recognize each other's voices, respond differently to calls of strangers

Phys Dot Org 24 Jan 2022
Hippopotamuses are rather vocal animals. Their "wheeze honk" calls can be heard over long distances, leading researchers to suspect the calls play an important role in maintaining social groups ... Mathevon and his colleagues are interested in bioacoustics, the study of how animals exchange information through sound.

Outrage and concern for beagle puppies in University of Barcelona animal testing trial

Catalan News 24 Jan 2022
For one, the research laboratory hired for the experiment, Madrid-based Vivotecnia, has already been in the spotlight for what animal rights group Cruelty Free International described as "gratuitous cruelty" for causing "unnecessary distress and suffering." .

Ice-ly does it! Adorable moment penguins scramble back to shore from floating chunk of sea ice

The Daily Mail 24 Jan 2022
The more impatient penguins decided to swim to shore where the other animals were. Penguins are known for being playful animals and the group appear to jump in the water joyously, excited to reach the other side.

Man booked for stabbing stray dog

The Times of India 24 Jan 2022
The matter came to light only after a group of local residents and animal activists approached the police ... Following this, animal activists reached the police station and filed a complaint against the accused.

Sambar deer set free near LoC

Dawn 24 Jan 2022
AJK wildlife and fisheries department director Naeem Iftikhar Dar told Dawn that a group of villagers had captured the deer in their Dharamsal village, located in the proximity of the LoC, at about 10.30am ... Animal lost its way into Kotli district from India-held Kashmir.

An animal rights activist was in court on criminal charges. Why was the case suddenly dismissed?

Democratic Underground 24 Jan 2022
When animal rights activist Matt Johnson last made national news, he was in disguise ... His work as an organizer with the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) involves high-profile, high-risk actions like secretly recording factory farms and rescuing animals.

Propane heater caused blaze that destroyed Rostraver home/animal shelter, fire marshal rules

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 24 Jan 2022
... fire that destroyed a Rostraver home used as an animal shelter ... Other rescue groups were helping Kraemer care for the surviving animals.

China Matters Focuses on the Beijing Winter Olympics in MG Animation

Ghana News Agency 24 Jan 2022
China Matters produced the animated video When Ancient Athletes Meet Modern Winter Games. This animated video examines the development of winter sports from the perspective of a group of “time travelers”, conveying China’s wish to encourage more people to join winter sports.

Jodorowsky animated Dune in development, says crypto group

The Guardian 24 Jan 2022
The group, called Spice DAO, caused a flurry of excitement on social media when it announced last weekend that it had bought the book of art, created by ...

Over 100 dogs rescued from dog meat farms find new homes in US, Canada

Korea Times 24 Jan 2022
Russell is among the 110 canines that were rescued from dog meat farms across the country last year by the Korean office of the Humane Society International (HSI), a U.S.-based animal rights group ... dog meat industry and animal rights groups are holding meetings on a regular basis.

Detroit Pit Crew rescues dog with severe burns to head and face

Detroit news 24 Jan 2022
The local animal rescue group is raising money and hoping to learn how a dog received what appears to be severe chemical burns on her face and head ... The post on the group's Facebook page said the dog ...

The Idle American: Word Muddling: Part Two

Brownwood Bulletin 24 Jan 2022
Someone recalled that an exotic animal game preserve is located a few miles from the railroad. The group decided that the animal escaped, perhaps roamed for a time, then stopped after innumerable tiring hops for a nap between the rails.

Trailcam captures busy life on Voyageurs ‘wolf and bear highway’

Grand Forks Herald 24 Jan 2022
Footage from the Voyageurs Wolf Project confirmed that a pack the group’s been following in the area, called the Whiskey Point pack, produced a litter of pups ... The lynx is a cryptic animal that can be hard to document, Gable said, and it was an unexpected surprise to see several different moose in that part of Minnesota.

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